Commercial vacuums are necessary if you are running janitorial services, a school, a restaurant etc. You may even want the vacuum for a residential place too, but finding the best commercial vacuum or industrial grade vacuums, amongst all available vacuums on the market is vital. These vacuums are different in many ways from the ones most people use in their homes.

Commercial vacuums are designed to be used on a daily basis and to clean large areas regularly. Some important features of commercial vacuums are ease of use, easy dirt disposal, good air filtration, minimum maintenance etc.

There are many commercial vacuums on the market, often with very similar features and specifications, so it’s not easy for you to choose one. So we have come up with 5 best commercial vacuums on the market to make it easier for you to choose from.

5 Best Commercial Vacuums

Numatic NRV20011 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover Commercial Upright Vacuum C1703900

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Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover CH30000 Commercial Canister Vacuum

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Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum, U2000RB1

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The Numatic NRV20021 is a dry and bagged commercial vacuum cleaner from one of the UK’s most popular manufacturers. Like other Numatic models, the NRV20021 is powerful, durable and has a large 9-liter dust capacity. Other features of the Numatic NRV20021 include a long 12.5-metre cable great for cleaning multiple rooms without switching plug socket, and a four-wheel design for extra mobility.

This dry cleaner has a 580W motor with excellent suction power. It excels at cleaning dust, dirt and other debris from carpets and hard floors, but isn’t suitable for wet spills. It is a popular choice amongst commercial and industrial users. The bags are great for sealing in the dust.

One drawback of this vacuum is you have to buy replacement bags for the lifetime which adds extra cost. It also can tip over when it gets stuck if you’re not careful. Despite these drawbacks, the Numatic NRV20021 is an excellent and durable commercial vacuum.

This powerful vacuum has a large cleaning radius suitable for use in industrial or commercial locations. It’s also very durable. The Numatic is a great choice if you need a solid vacuum that is comparatively less expensive, yet performs admirably on almost any task.

Key Features

  • Huge 9-liter capacity
  • Protective bumper
  • 12.5-meter cable
  • Powerful and efficient cleaning technology
  • High-performance Combi floor tool
  • The self-seal tab locks dust in the bag
  • 580W Power
  •  9kg in Weight

Things we like

  • Powerful suction and durable design
  • Large operating radius
  • Less stopping to plug and unplug
  • Easy switching between carpets and hard floors

Things we don’t like

  • Lifetime buying cost of replacement bags

Hoover is a high-quality commercial and residential vacuum. One of its best features is its easy-to-recline handle. So you can lay the vacuum completely vertical which makes cleaning under low lying areas a piece of cake. Another great feature of this vacuum is that you can easily and quickly adjust the height of the brush.

Unlike some other upright vacuums, it can be used on four different levels. So it is perfect for any type of floor or carpet. It comes with a hose which can easily be detached and is stretchable. So it is perfect for hard-to-reach areas. However, one problem with these attachments is that they do not always want to stay attached to the vacuum. Though you will find places to keep them on the back, they don’t always stay in place.

Key Features

  • Vacuum type: upright, bagged
  • Brush: motorized
  • Surface type: any
  • Edge-cleaning bristles and recline handle
  • 13-inch cleaning path,
  • WindTunnel Technology,
  • 4-position height adjustment,
  • Urethane wheels
  • Extreme recline handle
  • Onboard tools
  • 35-foot cord
  • 2-year motor warranty

Things we like

  • Large cleaning path
  • Reclines to reach under low areas
  • Easy height adjustments
  • Long warranty
  • Long cord

Things we don’t like

  • Attachments are hard to keep in place

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum is a commercial backpack vacuum having a bag and cord. It has an extra long 50-foot power cord that helps the unit to cover a large area using a single power outlet. The vacuum comes with a flexible hose and rigid two-piece wand, plus with a large number of cleaning accessories for various surfaces like hard floors, carpets, stairs, upholstery, etc. This vacuum can clean almost anything from floor to the ceiling.

It has a very strong suction with a very quiet vacuum. Noise levels during operation are only around 66 dB, making it suitable for hotels, office buildings and similar areas where floors and other surfaces have to be cleaned often, quickly, without disturbing the people. It has good multi-layered air filtration, with ‘HEPA media filter’, but it is not the real HEPA air filtration. It can capture 99.9% of 1-micron particles.

Its powerful motor is perfect for cleaning hard floors, carpets, stairs, and upholstery. It maneuvers easily around desks and chairs too. The 10-quart filter provides maximum cleaning with 3 times the capacity of a standard upright vacuum which makes it ideal for large areas. Four level advanced filtration with HEPA media filter helps breathe better air.

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum has been certified Gold by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). This backpack vacuum includes accessories necessary for classrooms and campuses, at only 66 dBA which is one of the quietest in its category. This is one of the most suitable backpack vacuums for high-traffic areas including schools, universities, and college campuses. The 50-foot power cord allows for more cleaning with less unplugging.

Key Features

  • Voltage: 120V
  • HEPA media filter
  • 50-foot power cord

Things we like

  • Powerful motor
  • Large Capacity
  • Four level advanced filtration
  • More cleaning with less unplugging

Things we don’t like

  • It doesn’t have the real HEPA filtration

The Hoover CH30000 PortaPower commercial vacuum can clean tight places and large spaces with its excellent features. Its 33-foot long power cord can be used for detailed cleaning on construction sites, workshops, but also in hotels, office buildings and similar areas where tight places are commonly found. Stairways, down halls, and around sharp corners can easily be cleaned with this vacuum.

This canister vacuum weighs only 8.3 lbs. The lightweight design of this vacuum makes it easier to maneuver. It comes with a built-in blower and can be used to clean up hard-to-reach places such as up draperies, upholsteries, and even in your own vehicles. You can use both a reusable commercial cloth bag and a paper dust bag for this vacuum. This easy-to-carry vacuum features a reverse suction so you can blow away debris or leaves as well.

This vacuum includes an 8-piece attachment set to clean hard-to-reach places and under furniture. The suction quality is impressively strong for it has small frames and has no trouble picking up hair and dust without blockages. The reusable long-lasting cloth bag is easy to remove and empty. Also, the tube connecting the nozzle and the canister is made of a flexible and long-lasting material which doesn’t get easily caught in between furniture. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Key Features

  • 33-foot long power cord
  • 8.3 lbs.
  • Built-in blower
  • Reusable commercial cloth bag
  • 2 Years warranty

Things we like

  • Light in weight
  • Great for using around furniture, ceilings, and windows
  • The vacuum has a built blower for better cleaning

Things we don’t like

  • Gets heavy on usage, so emptying periodically is necessary

This vacuum comes with automatic floor adjustment that enables the vacuum to move between carpets and hard surfaces. It has received Ease-of-Use Commendation from Arthritis Foundation for its helping hand handle. On/off switch is located in handgrip for convenience. Its powerful, high-speed and balanced brush roll with double helix brushes whirls at 6,500 RPM and moves debris toward the vacuum inlet for cleaning. The vacuum has a 12-inch cleaning path.

The cogged V-belt resists slippage and the circuit breaker protects against clogs and jams by shutting off the motor when brush roller RPMs slow down. It features Long-lasting Endurolife belt. There is a Cord guard that prevents cord damage. The 40-foot power cord is connected to the pigtail cord using a cord clamp, which allows you to easily replace a damaged cord without expensive repairs or re-wiring. It has soft wheels that protect wood floors. Fingertip-controlled on/off switch makes it easier for you to control.

This Powerful, high-speed, and balanced vacuum, with its double helix brushes, whirl at 6,500 RPM. Its easy-to-use carry handle allows for simple, sturdy carrying. Besides a 12-inch cleaning path and a cogged up V-belt, this upright vacuum comes with a cog motor as well as a brush pulley. Replacing a damaged cord is easier and cheaper. This vacuum definitely is one of the best commercial vacuums with its lightweight, great suction, and easy to maneuver feature. It weighs 8 lbs. and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Automatic floor adjustment
  • Double helix brushes
  • Cogged V-belt
  • Long-lasting Endurolife belt
  • soft wheels

Things we like

  • It comes with dual action movement.
  • The 40-foot long cord makes long range usage easier.
  • Extremely easy to carry as well as the handle.

Things we don’t like

  • Needs to be self-assembled.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

Buying Guide for Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

There are certain things you need to know about heavy-duty commercial vacuums before you choose one. The first thing is that commercial vacuums are heavier than normal ones, and a good motor is a basic requirement for commercial purposes. The main advantages of getting a commercial vacuum are good cleaning, endurance, and adaptability. Below we have discussed the essential things you must consider before buying a commercial or industrial vacuum.

Type of Vacuum

Commercial vacuums come in a range of different types, from wet/dry vacuums to dry only vacuums and those which specialize in picking up hazardous materials such as asbestos. Consider the environment you will use your vacuum in to make the best selection.


Commercial vacuums are available in upright or backpack/shoulder strap styles. Consider the size and layout of your place before deciding which is best. Remember, commercial vacuums are heavier than usual vacuums because of their enhanced capacity and power.

Type of Debris

You will find specially designed vacuums for every purpose, from oil and water spills to those designed to suck up wood chips or metal nuts and bolts. We suggest you choose the vacuum designed for the debris you want to clean up or you could end up damaging the vacuum.


Strong suction power is essential for a commercial vacuum. You should look for vacuums with a large capacity so you don’t spend too much time emptying the dust canister.


Durability is important too. Daily cleaning in demanding environments can wear down any vacuum, so we look for models that are built to last for a longer period of time.

Final Thoughts

We believe the points we mentioned above will help you make the wisest decision in choosing the best vacuum that suits your needs. Besides the things mentioned above, you need to think about your budget, how often the machine will be used and whether you need a wet and dry model, or the one having both.