A vacuum, besides other home improvement tools, is essential for a home or office, but it’s a challenge to fit all those things in limited storage. Moreover, they should be of less weight for you to be able to use them with ease, which is why compact vacuums are there to help you with their slim and lightweight design. So if you are looking for the best compact vacuum that fits your needs, you are in the right place. We have examined dozens of vacuums and come up with a list of 5 best vacuums on the market. In addition, we have included a buying guide at the end of this article to help you decide which one is the right choice for you.

5 Best Compact Vacuum Cleaners

The Miele Compact C1 is a specially made canister vacuum for hard floors, though you can use it perfectly well for carpets as well. Just use the footswitch to change between carpets and hard floors. It doesn’t come with a rotating brush. However, the head offers direct suction to make up for the lack of bristles.  With this 1,200-watt canister vacuum’s six options for suction power, you can quickly adapt to different types of floors and debris, but the switch is close to the floor, which requires you to bend over several times during operation.

This easy-to-clean canister vacuum uses a bag with plenty of space for sucking up debris. The 29.5-foot power cord is suitable for cleaning large rooms without changing outlets. However, you will have to lift the canister with you as you move up and down stairs. It has several attachment tools to use in place of the standard head to clean the grooves between tiles and in tight corners. In addition, this vacuum is durable and provide a consistent suction. Moreover, it doesn’t make much noise even on the highest power setting.

Key Features

  • Canister, bagged
  • 1,200-watt
  • Miele-made Vortex motor, exclusive
  • AirClean Sealed System
  • 29.5 power cord
  • dusting brush
  • upholstery tool
  • crevice nozzle

Things we liked

  • High-power motor
  • Six suction settings
  • 5-foot cord range
  • Durable and quiet

Things we didn’t like

  • non-rotating brush
  • Canister can get heavy on stairs

This is a fairly standard looking bagged canister vacuum at a competitive price. Moreover, it has a few nice features that make it exceptional. Its small form factor, compactness, lightweight construction, and telescopic wand make it a good choice when you need something that you can easily maneuver and store. You can clean nooks and crannies and the stairs with ease. While cleaning deeper pile carpets, you can hit a footswitch to turn the brush off or on to get the best cleaning ability. You can even adjust the suction level of the vacuum to suit your rugs. In addition, the ‘full bag’ indicator helps you to know when the dust bag is full and needs to be emptied. In addition, it has a automatic cord rewind. We recommend you to buy this vacuum if you’re on a limited budget. Though it’s not the best for really thick, deep carpet, it’ll do the job for average rugs or shag carpet.

Key Features

  • Bagged canister vacuum
  • On/off motorized brush
  • Adjustable suction level
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Full bag indicator
  • Telescopic cleaning wand
  • Automatic cord rewind

Things we liked

  • Great value
  • Very easy to use
  • Useful bag warning indicator
  • Lightweight

Things we didn’t like

  • Fairly basic
  • Will struggle with some deep shag carpet

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR is a compact commercial vacuum cleaner, measuring only 8 x 6 x 15 inches. This bagged corded canister vacuum with a 4-Amp two-stage bypass motor comes with a high suction capability and has a tolerable noise. With impressive quality and performance, it is designed for commercial use on construction sites, workshops, hotels, and areas where small and compact but a strong vacuum is required. It comes with a 30-foot heavy duty long power cord covers a long area without switching outlets. Moreover, it weighs only 5 pounds. So you can either carry it with one hand or use shoulder straps.

To clean surfaces from floor to the ceiling, it comes with a number of other cleaning tools, including a dusting brush, crevice tool etc. Its large floor attachment picks up everything perfectly with one pass. The round brush is nice for cleaning tops of baseboards, and window sills. It uses a disposable dirtbag and mechanical air filter. The dirtbag capacity is 1 quart which is nice considering the small and compact size of this unit. The floor attachment cleans rugs amazingly well. The 4-foot flexible hose is of very good quality and it just adds to the compactness. The plastics, the wand, and the floor attachment are compact and strong.

Some customers have problems with the strap coming loose and the vacuum dropping to the floor. To solve the problem, use the twist tie that comes with the machine, and wrap it around the strap to keep it from pulling through. Another downside is you have to carry this unit while you are using it and that will get cumbersome if the cleaning takes place for a long time.

Key Features

  • 8 x 6 x 15 inches in size
  • Bagged and corded
  • 4-Amp two-stage bypass motor
  • 30-foot long power cord
  • Weighs 5 pounds only
  • Adjustable wand
  • 4-foot flexible hose

Things we liked

  • High suction capability
  • Tolerable noise

Things we didn’t like

  • You have to carry it while cleaning

This cordless, portable and ultra-compact vacuum with its 4-foot flexible hose easily reaches tight spots and high shelves. It has a good suction Power of 24 AW and its cyclonic action spins dirt away from the filter to help maintain performance. It’s easy to empty and good for quick cleanups. It comes with a washable bowl and filter for thorough cleaning. It comes with a lithium-Ion battery. Its cell Capacity is 1.5 with charge duration of 4 hours. You can use it for more than 30 minutes at a time, and it will never slow or fade in suction power.

This vacuum perfectly handles all the mishaps that active children create in a house. Its thin nozzle helps clean hard to reach places. This budget handheld vacuum works perfectly as a cordless vacuum when you add on the optional stick vacuum extension. The 7-pound vacuum is designed to be carried by hand and the suction is directed using the extendable four-foot hose, which is excellent for vacuuming difficult areas such as stairs, window, door sills, couches, and drapes. This extremely compact vacuum is ideal for limited storage space and vacuuming any areas within arm’s reach.

There are two downsides to this vacuum. The first is that in handheld mode, the vacuum’s suction power is plenty but the power decreases significantly when the stick attachment is added. It makes it difficult to pick up large crumbs and stuck-on pet hair, especially from carpets. The second is that this vacuum needs to generate enough suction for the stick attachment and does not have a low power mode, so it is noticeably louder than other cordless vacuums on the market.

Key Features

  • Upright and handheld vacuum cleaner


  • Integrated lithium-ion battery
  • 2-in-1 nozzle/brush tool
  • Long crevice tool,
  • Pet hair tool
  • Stick vac floor head
  • The multi-surface 3-stage filtration system
  • Weight: 6.9 lb

Things we liked

  • Inexpensive
  • Works as a handheld cleaner or upright cordless vacuum
  • Good suction power in handheld mode
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

Things we didn’t like

  • You have to buy a stick vacuum accessory must be purchased as an add-on
  • Stick vacuum accessory drastically reduces the suction power
  • Loud compared to other cordless vacuums

This is the best choice for a whole home clean with a second dedicated floor brush for scratch-free, bare floor cleaning. This bagless compact vacuum comes with HEPA filtration, easy-to-clean dirt canister, a telescoping wand, and two additional cleaning accessories. Its 360-degree swivel hose won’t twist and tangle. The cyclonic technology uses centrifugal force to create powerful suction that pulls dirt and hair from carpet fibers, cracks, and upholstery. It has a 16-foot long retractable cord for easy use and storage.

Operating this vacuum is easy. Just push a button with your foot and the wand pops right out and you are ready to vacuum your floor, ceiling, and under the couch. The power head has a low profile and the wand lays flat against the floor, so you can get under the tightest places. The power works just as well on hard floors as carpets, so you don’t even have to change the head when going from rug to bare floor.

The Kenmore is a lot easier to push across thick, plush carpets and can suck pet hair up in one pass. You can hardly get a better designed, more powerful, or durable vacuum at this price. It is quite loud and has a high pitched noise. Still, it’s better than most vacuums out there for twice the price. The use of aluminum and plastic has made the vacuum lightweight. For high suction, you have to make sure to adjust the small valve near the handle and adjust the level of the vacuum head to high or low. You can quickly change out of the main head, and use the attachments, as they’re right there near your hands.

Key Features

  • Second dedicated floor brush
  • Telescoping wand
  • bagless design with HEPA filtration
  • 360-Degree swivel hose
  • 11-amps vacuum
  • 16-foot long cord

Things we liked

  • Can suck pet hair right up in one pass
  • super light and easy to maneuver

Things we didn’t like

  • Will not go underneath the couch all the way
  • Quite loud and

Buying Guide for Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Compact vacuums are lightweight and come in slim design compared to traditional ones. The main advantages of getting a compact vacuum are good cleaning, easy maneuverability, and adaptability. Below we have discussed the essential things you must consider before buying a compact vacuum.

Type of Vacuum

Compact vacuums come in different types including handheld, carpet, hardwood and commercial vacuum. Consider the environment you will use your vacuum in to make the best selection.


Compact vacuums are available in upright handheld styles. Consider the size and layout of your place before deciding which is best.

Type of Debris

We suggest you choose the vacuum designed for the debris you want to clean up or you could end up damaging the vacuum.


You should look for vacuums with a large capacity so you don’t spend too much time emptying the dust canister. It is needless to say that the suction power of a vacuum cleaner should be excellent. A weak suction will not penetrate piled fabrics and pull out dirt from beneath it efficiently. Find out about the motor’s air power and the kind of suction technology it uses.


Durability is important too. Daily cleaning in demanding environments can wear down any vacuum, so we look for models that are built to last for a longer period of time.

Bin Capacity

If you are going to be cleaning carpets and hardwood floors, the bin capacity has to be large enough to store all that stuff. Otherwise, it will have to be emptied frequently. However, we recommend you get a vacuum cleaner with a large bin that does not interrupt you while cleaning.


Find a vacuum cleaner that comes with accessories for cleaning carpets as well as hardwood floors. It should have a motorized brush head and a floor tool for sweeping hardwood floors. The more diverse the accessories, the better!

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters capture allergens and tiny dust particles and are always recommended no matter what kind of surface you will clean. Though they cost a bit more, the health benefits you receive surpass that.

Final Thoughts

We believe the points we mentioned above will help you make the wisest decision in choosing the best vacuum that suits your needs. Besides the things mentioned above, you need to think about your budget, how often the machine will be used and whether you need a wet and dry model, or the one having both.